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Hay un montón de personas con discapacidad en todo el mundo y muchos de ellos tienen suficiente tiempo para viajar y explorar, los servicios que se presta en todo el mundo para este tipo de clientes no son suficientes para ellos. Los expertos han planteado esta  cuestión con la esperanza de mejorar las posibilidades para los turistas con discapacidady así  tener una mejor experiencia de viaje

Romeria  / pilgrimages                          Bullfighting  / toros 

                                 Tours with the guide driver                                Feria / Fair  
                                Circuitos con chofer-guía                     Andalusien fair/feria Andaluza  

Actividades en barco                          Actividades en Jerez
Boat activities                                      Jerez Activities


  Horses shows /espectaculos ecuestres

Andalucia Events are specialist to meet the expectations of any collective, paying special attention to disabled people or any physical or mentally disabled persons.
We refer people or collectives that due to their social name they are enjoying benefits of such disability.
Mainly  has a function concern to formation and awareness of all tourism industry professionals, and also general audience, for acting professionally towards those collectives, adiating kindness and cordiality, as towards any other kind of customers
Then our next aim will be the addaptation of those collectives to  our selected activities for them with the greatest of enjoyment, so as romerías (pilgrimages), fairs, boat trips, aquatic activities, horses riding activities,etc.
All the activities will be developed in such way that the participation and effort of these groups of disabled people will be very valuable for themselves, being every guest able to feel relevant in their own performance.
These activities will be able to be promoted by associations that are integrated in the development of the social world, gobernmental entities, private associations, Foundations, NGOs, etc.
Lastly we will pay attention in assuring that accommodations, transport and destinations will be appropiated for our guests.
 Our company is specialist in arranging tourist circuits and providing personalized guides of the main tourist centres; our main task is developping, creating and monitoring what has been requested.
These tourist circuits will take place in Andalucía ( routes of White Villages , wine, Bulls, flamenco, cultural events, gastronomic itineraries, etc ).

Wir haben es uns zum obersten Ziel gemacht, diese Gruppen an allen Aktivitäten, die vorab von uns gezielt ausgewählt und vorbereitet wurden teilhaben zu lassen und Spaß zu haben. Z.B. Wallfahrten „Romerias“ , Spanische Nächte, Reiten, Bootsausfahrten,Aktivitäten rund ums Wasser, usw.Alle diese Aktivitäten werden so entwickelt , dass die Teilnahme und die Bemühungen dieser Gruppe von Menschen mit körperlicher Behinderung von großem Wert und Entwicklung für sie sein wird, unsere Gäste werden sich absolut  wohlfühlen.


Seminars and incentives , breaking ice games for executives, risk sports activities, yatching,ballooms,  events and tourist circuits for disabled people, night pilgrimages, horses riding, bullfighting  activities by 4 x 4, special parties for groups, accommodation bookings, D.O. andalusian products ( delicatessen ) dispatching.

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